George Remus Repeal Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey


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From Apothecary to Kingpin, George Remus created one of the most intricate, successful bootlegging operations of
Prohibition. His legend continues today with the family of George Remus Bourbons. Saying George Remus was just a
bootlegger is like saying Hemingway was just a writer. In the 1920s, if baseball had Ruth, bourbon had Remus. But this
King George didn’t reside in England, he was a son of Cincinnati. Starting as an apothecary, he soon found a loophole or
two in the Volstead Act to craft bourbon for “medicinal purposes.” Knowing a great opportunity when he saw it, and a great
bourbon when he created it, he began his Prohibition empire. And while he respected the Volstead Act, to King George, it
was but a mere suggestion.Remus Repeal Reserve Series 1


Strong cinnamon leads the way with the maple syrup layered below creating a pleasant sweet and savory experience. The candied plum from the nose does not show up on the palate.


Long and warm with the return of sweet tobacco and leather notes. Oak presence is noticeable but completely balanced with the other notes.

In closing

Like many I am a big fan of aged MGP distilled bourbon and have been spoiled over the years due to living close to Smooth Ambler Spirits.  But all good things must come to an end and with Smooth Ambler switching over to mainly Dickel sourced bourbon, of which I am not a fan, and other sourced MGP bourbon reaching ridiculous prices on secondary it was nice to find this bottle hiding in my cabinet.  I really enjoy this release and hope I can find a bottle of Series 2 soon.

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