Maker’s 46


Maker’s Mark 46 Kentucky Bourbon Whisky, 70cl

Brand Maker’s Mark
Alcohol type Bourbon
Flavour Vanilla
Alcohol Content 47 Percent by Volume
Liquid volume 70 Centilitres
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Maker’s 46

The Maker’s Mark Distillery is proud to unveil a new Maker’s Mark 46 bottle and design that highlights the brand’s handmade values and helps better tell the story of the beloved and distinguished liquid fans have come to know and love. The new design puts the uniqueness of the liquid on full display, differentiating itself in the proprietary French oaked process that gives Maker’s Mark 46 its characteristic layers of faceted flavor. While the bourbon inside the bottle remains the same, the new bottle design reinforces consistency of the brand’s visual identity and more tangibly brings to life its premium legacy.

About this item

  • Maker’s Mark 46 was the first new major expression to be created at the Maker’s Mark Distillery since our original bourbon went into production in 1953 A bolder and more complex version of Maker’s Mark Pronounced notes of caramel and vanilla and a long finish but without the bitterness typical of longer-aged Whiskies
  • Maker’s Mark 46 starts with fully matured Maker’s Mark We then add 10 seared French Oak staves to each barrel and place it in our specially built limestone cellar for a further 9 weeks where it’s rested at a consistent 50 degrees This imparts flavour while keeping the wood from expanding and releasing bitter tannins
  • Maker’s Mark 46 was the brainchild of Bill Samuels Jr, son of the Maker’s Mark founders, Bill and Margie With a taste vision in mind Bill wanted to create a new generation Maker’s Mark
  • After finding the flavour he was after he learned that the perfectly toasted French Oak stave was on file as ‘Stave Profile No 46’ which later gave the bourbon it’s name


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