Four Roses 125th Anniversary 2013 Limited Edition Small Batch


This blend of small batch bourbons is barrel-strength at more than 50% abv, and comprises a mixture of two thirteen-year-olds and an eighteen-year old. Despite the strength, it’s remarkably smooth and fragrant, with a winning blend of cigar-box and sweet berry notes in the palate.

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The Four roses 125th anniversary limited edition small batch 2013 is made up of the following

Whisky base IDWB45332

Category  Bourbon Distillery

Bottler Distillery

Bottling Bottling serie 125th Anniversary Edition

Bottled  2013

Stated Age 13 years old

Number of bottles 12468

Strength 51.6 % Vol.

Size700 ml 750 ml

Added on14 Oct 2013 11:33 pM

Whiskey Advocate – American Whiskey of the Year

Tasting Notes – It’s mature, yet very elegant whiskey, with a silky texture that’s so easy to embrace with a splash of water. It exudes balanced notes of honeyed vanilla, soft caramel, a basket of complex orchard fruit, blackberry, papaya, and a dusting of cocoa and nutmeg. The finish is pleasing and very smooth. It’s sophisticated and stylish, with well-defined flavors.

Whiskey Advocate

This is the second year in a row for Four Roses to receive this honor, and it’s well-deserved. To be honest, we didn’t think Four Roses could ever improve on last year’s limited edition small batch release—let alone the very next year—but they did. This particular release, It’s a marriage of 18 year old bourbon and two different 13 year old bourbons, each with a different combination of yeast strains and mashbills. Buy you Four roses 125th anniversary limited edition small batch 2013 only at Bourbon Vendor


Bourbon is a corn-based, aged spirit that, while legally can be produced anywhere in the U.S., is Kentucky’s signature liquor; in fact, Kentucky distilleries make 95% of the world’s bourbon and the Bluegrass State hosts over a million visitors annually for bourbon tasting tourism. Because of the liquor’s aging process variation, bourbon’s colors range from light amber to dark caramel and each bottle must contain at least 40% ABV. Bourbon can only be called bourbon if it’s aged in an oak barrel; barrels must be new and are pre-charred to help the liquid extract as much flavor as possible from the wood.


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