Dorothy Arzner Straight Rye Whiskey


BRAND Great Women Spirits
COUNTRY United States
STATE California
SPIRITS TYPE  American Whiskey
ABV 45%
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Dorothy Arzner Straight Rye Whiskey made history as the first woman to direct a sound film. She launched the careers of many and taught a young Francis Ford Coppola. The rye is 70% rye berry and rye malt blend. Fruity with notes of oak, dark chocolate caramel, black pepper, and baked bread.

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Size: 750ML

Proof: 90 (45% ABV)

Age: 3 Year


Dark chocolate, dried cherry, fresh baked dark rye bread, leather and vanilla lift, toasted walnut.

Dorothy Arzner Straight Rye Whiskey Tasting Notes

Nose: Dark chocolate, dried cherry, fresh baked dark rye bread, leather and vanilla lift, toasted walnut.

Palate: Dark blackberry and dried cherry fruitiness, warm roasted oak tones, rich dark chocolate caramel, fresh cracked black pepper, rye spice and brioche bread.

Finish: Rich and lingering.

Dorothy Arzner was the only female director working in Hollywood’s Golden Age during the 1920’s to early 1940’s. She was a free-spirited, independent woman who lived a transparently lesbian life. She claimed that men never gave her any trouble and they were in fact more helpful than woman. Dorothy also stated that she was never desperate for work. “I was always ready to give the picture over to some other director if I couldn’t make it the way I saw it.” She directed 17 feature films, at Paramount, RKO, Columbia, and MGM, largely with a female audience in mind, starring female protagonists. Leading female actors included Clara Bow, Ruth Chatterton, Katherine Hepburn and Joan Crawford.  Dorothy Arzner was a confident and capable woman who didn’t let anyone stand in the way of her vision. We crafted this small batch 3-year-old straight rye whiskey in the same spirit of that strong vision, not stopping until the desired full complexity and rich aroma was achieved.


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