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Many bourbon lovers appreciate that Merica Bourbon uses the finest American Grains available and employs a patented distillation technology designed to deliver their highest quality bourbon. Merica Bourbon was born from military veterans who wanted to share the great taste of bourbon and freedom.

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Size: 750mL

Proof: 90 (45% ABV)

Origin: United States

Detailed Description

Our Whiskey comes to you from a past derived from Revolution, Mountain Men, Pioneers, Bootleggers, Auto Racing and the same American innovation created from the space program that you taste in every bottle we create. Merica Bourbon is veteran owned and made proudly by Americans with the same passion that made this country great!

Merica Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey Tasting Notes

Nose: Orchard fruit, wood, spice, honey, vanilla and raw corn

Palate: Minerally new make, touch of wood, spice and fruit

Finish: Short, new make and woody spice

Distillery Information

Founded in 1847, MGP, or Midwest Grain Products, is a distillery located in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. They make a range of different kinds of spirits, with a focus on a variety of types of whiskey. The company was purchased by Seagram in 1933 and has changed hands a few times since then. The company makes most of the country’s rye-based whiskeys, along with a wide range of other spirits, including vodka and gin. The distillery manufactures a wide range of spirits, including their own whiskeys under the MGP label.


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