Bourbon kentucky whisky

Buy Bourbon Whiskey online and have it delivered directly to your door! We have the best bourbon whiskey online available for purchase. Shop now ourbon doesn’t need to be made in Kentucky, despite a common misconception, but the Bluegrass State is certainly the source of some of the best examples of the category. Maybe it’s the limestone-filtered water, maybe it’s the decades of practice, but there’s just something about Kentucky that makes for great bourbon. “There are numerous historical factors that made Kentucky the epicenter of bourbon production, but as luck would have it, the water and the climate also make Kentucky uniquely suited to produce world-class whiskey,” says Sean Josephs, founder of Kentucky-based Pinhook Bourbon. “Large beds of limestone in Kentucky naturally filter iron out of water, an element that creates unwanted flavors in whiskey, and the limestone enriches the water with calcium and magnesium, minerals that add complexity of flavor during fermentation of the grains. Bourbon American Whiskey

.” The state’s seasons also contribute to the quality of the spirit. “Once inside the barrel, the whiskey expands during the warmer months, pushing through the layer of char into the pores of the wood and contracts during the colder months bringing with it natural color and the signature rich caramelized flavors and spices that make bourbon a truly unique whiskey,” says Josephs. “Kentucky has extremely cold winters and very hot summers, which is the ideal climate for accelerating aging and imparting the bourbon with the most intense and vibrant flavors.”